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Pyware 3D Viewer app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 8944 ratings )
Music Education
Developer: Pygraphics, Inc.
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.0.5, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 28 Aug 2014
App size: 79.06 Mb

Pyware 3D Viewer allows you to take your Pyware 3D® drills anywhere! Designed for both instructors and performers, our Pyware 3D Viewer app eliminates the need to print anything.

You’ll see your drills animate the way they were intended, because Pyware 3D Viewer actually opens Pyware 3D® files! Floats, Follow-The-Leaders, and curved pathways all animate flawlessly whether you’re watching the playback animation in fluid or step-time.

Seamlessly retrieve file updates with the press of a button. View both Production Sheet and Text Box instruction information. Open drill files for any venue: football fields, gymnasiums, parade routes; if you can design it in Pyware 3D®, you can open it in Pyware 3D Viewer!

Feature List

-Open Pyware 3D® mobile drill files (.3da)
-Files can be accessed from cloud storage services by entering a download link or scanning a QR code from within the app
-Pinch zoom, rotate, tilt and shift to view the drill from any angle
-Animation shows true pathways for all performers
-Fluid or step-time animation
-Up to 8x animation speed
-Repeat and Play All animation controls
-Count Track that allows you to stop and view any count of drill
-View entire Production Sheet and Text Box instructions
-Search for performers in the drill’s Cast List
-Switch between ensemble view and performer view
-See detailed performer coordinate instructions on any count of the drill
-Spotlight an individual performer
-Switch between 3D’s surfaces, flat color, and high contrast for the performance area
-Loads grids for any performance area (fields, gyms, streets, stages, etc.)
-Toggle step grid on/off
-Easily refresh drill files to download the latest changes

Compatible with Pyware 3D version 8 or greater.

Latest reviews of Pyware 3D Viewer app for iPhone and iPad

Crashing Constantly
Will not progress past the "Loading" screen. Constantly crashes every time I have opened the app.
Crashes - cant open
Immediate crash when trying to open the app. Please fix!
Dumb errors simple to correct
Cast list shows up sorted by the first digit of the number, I.E. 100 shows up before 2, and 3 shows up after 29. Irritating to search for student drill numbers out of order. Would also be much more intuitive to be able to select a cast member by tapping on him, rather than going into the menu to do so.
Good initial release
Make sure you have Pyware version 8. Thats the only version that can export the mobile file. The app is pretty useful and the support staff on their Facebook page has already added some user requests to their to-do list
Very cool
I just wish I could see the setting on my iPhone 4s because they are off the screen. Please fix
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